Companies Like Nexii Are Betting On Sustainable Construction

Last year, Starbucks opened a sustainably built drive-through cafe in Abbotsford, British Columbia, about an hour southeast of Vancouver. The store was the first...
Energy transition

Mining Industry Warns Energy Transition Isn’t Sustainable

Politicians have declared that the energy transition is the only way forward for human civilization. Not every country on the planet supports it, but those that do are the most vocal.  Even as the fossil fuel crisis threatens to cripple economies, the energy transition remains a goal.It is no secret that the transition, at the scale envisaged by its architects and most ardent supporters, would necessitate massive amounts of metals and minerals. What is rarely mentioned is that most of these metals and minerals are already in short supply. And this is only the beginning of the transition issues. Mining industry executives have been warning that there is not enough copper, lithium, cobalt, or nickel for all...

Construction Industry after COVID-19

From retail stores to restaurants, most businesses across the country were disrupted and forced to adapt because of the pandemic. As states begin opening back...

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