Food Packaging

Food packaging would be totally different in near future, researchers would find inconceivable innovation. As the trend of technology is increasing, packaging also at its boom. Now pathetic packaging is matter of immense concern and alarm for all and sundry. New technological ways in packaging made it easier and easier to turn out bulky sum of boxes in less time. Development of mechanical innovation in packaging industry like machineries and printing equipment jump started the production and filled the gap of shortage in last few years, but still we can’t compare demand with supply.

Billions of dollars are spent each year only on packaging, cosmetics and food packaging covers almost 70% of production. Now-a-days trend of customize packaging at boom position. In this you can place logo, expiry date, ingredients, price and e.t.c. few ground-breaking technologies that would totally change your ways of packaging are:

  1. Smart Packaging
  2. Anti-microbial packaging
  3. Water soluble packaging
  4. Self-cooling packaging
  5. Self-heating packaging
  6. Micro Packaging
  7. Edible packaging

How food packaging would change the word?

Edible packaging, you will astonished to hear that you would eat burger and its packaging too, in near future. Harvard University researchers has reasoned out that there are few edible packaging materials that can be eaten even, they got encouragement with few fruits like apple and orange. As there shell used to protect them and can be eaten easily in the same way there should be some packaging material that protects product from contamination and also preserve from heat and other factors. So, you don’t think this is next to impossible. This technology would call off old techniques especially for food packaging and get out you from many jams. This out of ordinary packaging with the array of feasibilities is introduced in USA in limited variety. But in future this would be picked up by whole the world.

Smart Food Packaging would be loved the most.

Would you believe that in future packaging would tell you about product, weather I am good or bad? Researchers are working hard at University of Connecticut to make you out of crowd and disclose the real worth of technology. Strong sensors that used in this packaging will update you the status of food item weather it is eat able or needs to thrown out. Different colors would reveal the status in the form of colors. Now it is so easy for food bakers to be aware of just before the item is going to spoil and contaminated. This technology would help us in getting rid of so many hot potatoes. This was a hard nut to crack in last few years but only achieved through scientist efforts.

Micro packaging isn’t strange as you think?

No doubt, it is difficult to handle micro technology of packaging but now another achievement of university scientist at Texas; they made easy this hot potato task for us. In micro technology you can use very thin layer just like liquid or glass that will protect the outer surface of food from sunlight and environment factors. This could double the lifeline of food items. This coated layer will prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases that usually reacts will food items and cause for spoiling. Big brands in USA look trendy towards such type of packaging. You would stand out from environment friendliness and contamination issues. You can conclude in near future by using such technologies packaging industry would totally different and would defend us. These are smart solutions that not only save time of production but also easy to handle.

Green roots of Anti micro-biological packaging.

In Israel, a university person introduced a paper named “killer paper”. These paper made packagings not only protect from bacteria but also fight against such bacteria and germs. This can increase lifeline of food items. This new technology would be the best choice in future especially for food items. Through this you can preserve your food items fresh and healthy. As spoil is a root cause of hundreds’ of diseases, in this you can get rid of germs and bacteria’s.

Water-soluble food packaging solutions:

A company in USA successfully introduced a packaging that is soluble in water. This is more soluble under hot water and appropriate for liquid friendly items, mainly these include soap that can react with water easily, sauces and soluble powders. The packaging is look like plastic film packaging that maintains a layer on items. Perhaps this would be one of the leading technologies in near future.

Self-cooling packaging:

Scientist also introduced self coiling technology, this can cool liquid cans in couple in minutes. This cooling is start by just pressing the button embedded in packaging. This is better choice for liquid canes. This is not successfully applied till yet but in near future this would the best choice for cool food items, which require lower temperature.

Self-heated Packaging:

On the other hand unlike wise self-cooling packaging, self heated heat the product within two minutes up to 145 Fahrenheit. This also under research but not fully applied. This would be your first choice in future after success.

Whatever technology you are using, your packaging must be eminent and rich in features. In future these technologies would be choice of every one. These revolutionized technologies are more specifically use in food items but limited to all products. Without having appealing and appropriate packaging you never reached at your goals. Surely, packaging is tool for marketing and way to represent products in better way. For branding customization comes as a matter of concern. All the food brands are making almost 50% of their brand from packaging and rest form direct marketing. Large variety of materials also varies in characteristics, used specifically for definite products. Cardboard material, kraft material and corrugated has a boom now-a-day. All and sundry business needs are mostly fulfilled by corrugated boxes. These are most selling material all the shipping took place within corrugated material boxes.

Almost from last ten years, a lot of new technologies are introduced in packaging. These technologies leave a great impact on products. But this cycle of innovation not stop here researchers are still doing their work to make packaging industry more innovative with their creative ideas.