AI Accelerator Summit : Accelerating The Delivery Of Commercial AI To Production.

CIOIndepth is honored to be an official media partner of AI ACCELERATOR SUMMIT orgranized by AI Accelerator Institute.

The world’s largest organizations and most exciting startups are assembling with one goal in mind: to share the infrastructure and processes they’re using to deploy and scale state-of-the-art technologies that create immense business value. The event will be addressing:

    1. Exploring hardware landscape
    2. Infrastructure challenges – Edge to Cloud
    3. Scaling AI systems – compute and data requirements
    4. Infrastrucuture at scale
    5. Creating business efficiency with AI


Why Attend ?

    1. Learn to build a scalable AI infrastructure stack
    2. Gather actionable advice on reducing time-to-value
    3. Take home template use cases on obtaining and training appropriate data
    4. Refine your AI workflows for easier adoption
    5. Optimize architecting AI systems
    6. Look forward to quantum possibilities
    7. Immerse yourself in the AI hardware landscape
    8. Mirror cohesive AI units within a business

Find out more and register here :