echnology has surely bring major impacts on every aspect in every sector, including marketing. Not only the structure of the marketing changes, but also the function and role in execution it is different compared to the past. Branding, segmentation and the rest of the marketing methods is integrated well with technology. Still, how massive the impact of technology in marketing?

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Chatterbot

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With the latest drive of technology, A.I is created to assist marketers in making critical decisions based on the information it gathered from data analysis that may contribute to the marketing’s effort.

In addition, the application of chatterbot in marketing helps in maintaining customer relationships. A chatterbot is a software created for sending automated responses to user inputs. So, as customers send a message to the chatterbot, the chatterbot will automatically respond to the customer’s message. With the 24/7 availability of chatterbots on the Internet, customers do not have to be concerned about time anymore when seeking help. This ability proves that chatterbot can assist customers anytime they want to and improves customer relationship of customers with the company or organization.

Increment of Sales and Profit

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More improvisation on marketing means more sales and profit, right? However, technology implementation on marketing came up with a huge cost if the marketing section wants to double the sales and profit. According to Digital Marketing World Forum(2019),the Marketing technology spend is also likely to rise as marketing budgets grow. Total ad spend in the US is anticipated to grow 24% between 2018 and 2022, from $220.96 billion to $274.44 billion, while the share of budget dedicated to marketing technology is anticipated to remain stable over that same timeframe, at 30% in 2018 and 32% in 2022. From this statement, the spending on technology in assisting the marketing is increasing from year to year, incurring a lot of cost for a company to burden. However, this could be a great investment for a company if it decided to boost up sales and profit.

Frequent usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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The races of companies in getting recognize by consumers is still ongoing until today. With the implementation of SEO in marketing, marketers can easily promote their product /service by improving their website visibility in the Internet that can lead consumers to their website link. The digitilization of marketing through SEO indicates there will be less spending on newspaper and television advertisement. Therefore, all companies will likely to invest in fast-paced technology marketing rather than slow-paced traditional marketing.

Utilization of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is the act of sending a message to clients with commercial value. Usually, in marketing, it can be used explicitly by marketers for marketing purposes. Potential or current clients can be a target for marketers to perform these enhanced marketing methods thanks to the advancement of the technology.

In addition, the success rate for every marketers in using email marketing as their marketing strategy is about 89%. This statistics indicates that email marketing is one of the marketing strategy marketers use mostly.

All in all, technology is a good combination and assistance for marketing and can be a good stepping stone for marketing industry to go beyond. Without the presence of technology, the marketing strategy may be limited in terms of market information, consuming a vast amount of time, and required a tremendous amount of energy to execute the marketing strategy compared to nowadays.