All over the world, every player in all sectors is busy planning their own framework for being exponential. Exponential in terms of growth, development and new plans. Media and entertainment sector and its sub-sectors are no different. To be in that wagon, more than the domain expertise, one needs a mindset to face changes. Things are changing rapidly; that’s what we learnt during this pandemic phase. The interesting part is that there is brighter light seeing. Media and Entertainment sector constitutes a dynamic sector in world trade. The sector has a large set of creative industries with knowledge-based activities, focused on artistic services with content, economic value and market objectives. One who is determined to make a career in it needs to identify his or her strength, in terms of the areas to focus as it is like an ocean. But more than that, if one wants to get into this exciting superhighway, these four points could be added.

1 Have a change mindset.

Things are changing fast. As demand for jobs is becoming increasingly competitive, the nature of jobs and businesses are changing along with technology, which requires continuous studies and awareness about these changes to keep up with the pace. Be it functional areas like marketing, planning or synthesis domains like content creation, content management, one needs to align. This change mindset is going to be an important attribute necessary to succeed in the media-rich, techno-rich tomorrow.

2 Technology awareness

Role of science and technology in the industry and society is to make scarcity into abundance for all. This is what the Media and Entertainment sector also looking for. If you can reflect a technologically aligned farsighted vision, the industry recognizes you as a companion.  You may not be a coder, but your awareness about artificial intelligence or algorithmic possibilities take you to the next level practitioner’s qualities.

3 Re-invent yourself.

Having the knowledge and skills for content creation and management gives the edge one needs, but if each and every one has the same, one should re-invent one’s own perspective. Look for the latest trends, technological adaptations which leads to new product concepts, in relatively new areas, for the unique you.

4 Be exponential.

This is difficult, but possible. The competencies companies look for by the time you enter the market will be have more than the attributes listed: domain expertise, critical thinking nature and creativity, technology competence, decision making, communication skills, team work, adaptability and flexibility, to name some. The list will surely extend. What matters is how fast one responds and adapt to changes surrounding. The rapidness involved in the artistic explorations throughout the career makes Picasso my favourite artist.

Other than inculcating domain expertise in a learner, Weschool approach is to contribute to the development of a professional mindset with technological refinement for business opportunities in Media and Entertainment sector. This is visualised as the exponential for surprises. Because the future is always full of surprises.